ETS2 – Olsf Engine Pack (1.33.x)

Olsf Engine Pack mod for ETS2 1.33.x.

Compatible versions: ETS2 1.31 / 1.32 / 1.33

Supported trucks:
– All in-game trucks (SCS)
– Scania R, Streamline and T (RJL)
– Volvo FH (Eugene)
– Renault Range T
– Mercedes Actros/Arocs 2014 (WTD)
– Mercedes Actros MP1
– Iveco Strator (Shoofer)

The OLSF engines pushes the virtual motor controller to the limit, using all parameters available for mods. Advantages:
– Immediate delivery of maximum torque at low rpm
– Constant delivery of power up to 2500 rpm
– Low internal friction to reduce fuel consumption and improve throttle response
– Very complex torque curve and power parameters calculated realistically
– Support for mods continuously expanded

—> If you experience crashes with this mod, set high priority and buy a new truck.

Engines included:
OLSF V6 Efficiency NG (Redline: 2000 rpm)
630 HP / 3000 Nm

OLSF V8 Efficiency NG (Redline: 2000 rpm)
780 HP / 3700 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
950 HP / 4500 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance Plus NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1090 HP / 5.200 Nm

OLSF V8 Extreme NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1350 HP / 6.400 Nm

OLSF V8 Extreme Plus Hybrid NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1350 HP + 1100 HP / 7.000 Nm – (Combined power: 2450 HP)

Changelog (33):
– Improved mod support with five new trucks


File Detail:2.5 MB / SCS
ETS2 – Olsf Engine Pack (1.33.x) Download File
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