ETS2 – Pacton Container Pack (1.38.x)

Pacton Container Pack mod for ETS2 1.38.x.
1. Tested 1.38.xx
2. Standalone
3. Cargoes standalone
4. Purchasable ONLY
5. Cables animation
6. Brace animation
7. Advanced coupling
8. Liftaxles
9. 4 variants (tank, 40ft, 45ft)

Creator: MarcDo
Update 1.30, 1.31, 1.32, 1.35: MDModding
original Author: unknown
Containers, Trailerparts and Skins:
EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson, SheryO, Nordisch,
Pauli, Arnook, Reyhan Ramadhan, Richal Lechuza/Donaldboy,
Powerkasi, Ohaha

File Detail:172.9 MB / RAR
ETS2 – Pacton Container Pack (1.38.x) Download File
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