ETS2 – Peterbilt 567 Truck (1.34.x)

Peterbilt 567 Truck mod for ETS2 1.34.x.

Sold at Volvo Auto Show
– 2 cab options (Day Cab, Sleeper)
– 9 chassis types
– 16 engines
– 10 gearboxes
– 3 interior options
– A lot of their skins
– External tuning
– Accessories in the cab
– Fixed onboard computer
– Cable support

Wolfi, GTM Team, Serega22ru

File Detail:58.2 MB / SCS
ETS2 – Peterbilt 567 Truck (1.34.x) Download File

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2 Responses

  1. Zeke4544 says:

    Accessing the day-cab slot from the Volvo dealership causes game to crash to desktop because there are sii files that reference front and rear discs that aren’t in existence without some other unnamed mod/pack that’s not referenced here. (“Steel discs” is the entity that glitches it.)

    I was able to correct it simply by overriding the dead-end paths in those “steel disc” sii’s within the r_disc and f_disc folders, changing them to point to vanilla-game discs and their attributes. (I just added the override to my own separate mini-mod for posterity and transparency.)

    In the future please specify that a mod is dependent on other external content.

  2. cabin0916 says:

    How can I overwrite the “steel disc” sii ’? Could you tell me more

    I really want to get on this track

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