ETS2 – Revamped Dynamic Suspension Fix Fatal Crash V6.4.5 (1.50)

Revamped Dynamic Suspension Fix Fatal Crash V6.4.5 mod for ETS2 1.50.

This modification brings improvements in suspension, seat, brake, clutch and trailer. Includes numerous changes which are extremely crucial in improving the driving experience in-game.

Changelog 6.4.5:
Fixed fatal crash with Renault E-Tech

Connection order: This mod should be set at high priority / above other physics mod!
Mod compatibility: This mod should work with all default trucks and the modded ones!
Modded Trucks compatibility: On your choice! Read the README.txt file included in the archive!

Recommended settings: 
Steering sensitivity 0.75
Braking intensity 100%
Truck stability 50%
Trailer stability 50%
Driveshaft torque 0% – 100% #Optional (use percentage as you like)
Suspension stiffness 0%
Cabin suspension stiffness 0%
Uneven surface simulation 70% #Optional (use percentage as you like)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) – ON
Traction Control – ON
Note: If recommended settings aren’t proper for yourself, feel free to adjust them.


File Detail: 259 KB / ZIP
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