ETS2 – Scania Touring By Muhammad Husni (1.31.x)

Scania Touring By Muhammad Husni mod for ETS2 1.31.x.

Here, i’m going to release this mod. Firstly, I wanna tell you that this mod has not finished yet, actually this mod is almost done. I gave everything to be able to finish this mod quickly. Unfortunately, my computer wont boot and I still have to go to college (finish my semester). So I cant keep this mod in my google drive anymore. It would be better if release this soon.

By Muhammad Husni

File Detail:103 MB / RAR
ETS2 – Scania Touring By Muhammad Husni (1.31.x) Download File

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3 Responses

  1. Agoezpurnama says:


  2. Mohamedabsal says:

    I like it

  3. Akhir says:

    Ko nga bisa di download

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