ETS2 – Sunshield Scania Next V2.0 (1.30.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.30.x

Tested 1.30.xx
6 versions (light white, orange and red, paint and chrome)
Use the new skin system

New V2:
3 new variants chrome
New template
Lamps change.
When the headlights are not turning on, they are white and when the headlights are on they light up orange, white or red depending on which one you have chosen

Tutorial skin sunshield:
For Skinner the sun visor, download the link below, the template is inside
Skinner “”  | vehicle\truck\upgrade\sunshield\scania_next\
Edit “def” | def\vehicle\truck\scania.r_2016\accessory\sunshld\paint_job\nameskin.mdm_01.sii
Replace “nameskin” by the name of your skin that is in | def\vehicle\truck\scania.r_2016\accessory\paint_job\nameskin.sii


ETS2 – Sunshield Scania Next V2.0 (1.30.X) Download File

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