Euro Truck Simulator – Container Pack

Container Pack mod for Euro Truck Simulator.


This is the final Version of the container package.
Permission of Sheryo.

v1.0 final Changelog

V0.5 beta
– added 1x20ft
– added 1y20ft
– added 2x20ft
– added 20ft2x

V0.8 beta
– added 20ftcl
– added 40ft2x
– fixed 1x20ft pmd
– fixed readme (entries for cargo and trailer storage added)
– fixed wheel.tobj in all the trailers

V1.0 RC1
– added 40vide
– added 45ft2x
Archive tidy (.bak files are deleted)
– fixed readme (credits updated)

V1.0 final (Wip)
– fixed mat files
– fixed dds files (alpha channel)


Remove other versions from this release !
Copy scs to your “\Euro Truck Simulator\mod\” directory, done.

In following companies, the Container can be entered:
Euro Goodies

These are the Eitrage for the Companys:

in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1x20ft
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1y20ft
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.2x20ft
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ft2x
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ftcl
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40ft2x
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40vide
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.45ft2x

out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1x20ft
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1y20ft
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.2x20ft
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ft2x
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ftcl
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40ft2x
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40vide
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.45ft2x

Entries for the cargo storage:

@include “cargo/1x20ft.sii”
@include “cargo/1y20ft.sii”
@include “cargo/2x20ft.sii”
@include “cargo/20ft2x.sii”
@include “cargo/20ftcl.sii”
@include “cargo/40ft2x.sii”
@include “cargo/40vide.sii”
@include “cargo/45ft2x.sii”

Entries for the trailer storage:

@include “definition/1x20ft.sii”
@include “definition/1y20ft.sii”
@include “definition/2x20ft.sii”
@include “definition/20ft2x.sii”
@include “definition/20ftcl.sii”
@include “definition/40ft2x.sii”
@include “definition/40vide.sii”
@include “definition/45ft2x.sii”

Sheryo Konvertiert by Dennis

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