Farm in Fallow

The land has laid in fallow for many years and is overgrown with weeds and grass. A very challenging map for the hardcore. You must break the ground with a plow and hired help won’t do this. The good thing is you can make your fields any size and shape you please.

There are 4 sell points. The port, brewery and mill are on the beach to the south. Milk can be sold at the dairy on the beach as well. The co-op is located on the west side. Bales can be sold at the co-op and the bale barn on the farmlot.

Default fruits plus sugarbeet, potato, sunflower, soybean and greenwheat. Crops times extended for realism.

Buildings- Peelo
Startmap- palajos, dodo27 and gnom
milk sell point- croation-mod-team and devil revenge
Hanger 12- duarn
Beet and potato storage sheds- discoade
spot lights- showgunn84
Bale and grain selling shed gas station- troll711
Houses- ar1g3
Silos and ramp- dinamit3 and spider100
Brewery- ka88 and Friese62
Stone fence- Denni
Mill- louter ??



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