Farming Simulator 17 All Fact Sheet


Fact Sheet #1 – Massey Ferguson Delta 9380 Harvester and Capello Helianthus 12000 header.
MF Delta 9380 : Price 385K€, Maintenance 1,5K€/day, Power 496 HP, Max. Speed 33 km/h, Fuel Capacity 1,120 l, grain tank capacity 12,500l, fruit types canola, barley, wheat, sunflower, soybean and corn. Capello Helianthus 12000: Price 54K€, maintenance 110 €/day, Req. Power 415 HP, Op. Speed 15 km/h, Working Width 12 m and crops fruit sunflower.


FS 17 Fact Sheet #2 – Fendt 700 Vario Tractor, Joskin Tornade 3 Manure Spreader.
Fendt 700 Vario : Price 164K€, Maintenance 160€/day, Customize Engine 165-240 HP, Max Speed 53 km/h, Fuel tank capacity 438 l, Frontloader Attacher on/off, change main color. Joskin Tornado3: Price 49K€, Maintenance 80€/day, Req. Power 130 HP, Op. Speed 20 km/h Working Width 15 m, Manure tank capacity 19,000l.


FS 17 Fact Sheet #3 – Steyr Terrus CVT Tractor and Lemken Titan 11 plow.
Steyr Terrus CVT: Price 226K€, maintenance 360€/day, Customize Power 288-313 HP, Max Speed 53km/h, Fuel tank capacity 726 l, change main color, customize wheels and rim color. Lemken Titan 11 plow: Price 59K€, Maintenance 50€/day, Req. Power 240 HP, Op. Speed 15 km/h , Working Width 4.9m.


FS 17 Fact Sheet #4 – Deutz-Fahr Series 9 tractor and Lemken Gigant 10 Cultivator.

Deutz-Fahr Series 9 : Price 245K€, Maintenance 350€/day, Customize engine power 295-336 HP, Max. Speed 63 km/h, Fuel tank capacity 655l, Change tractor wheels standard, wide and twin. Lemken Gigant 10: Price 78K€, Maintenance 20€/day, Req. Power 300 HP, Op. Speed 17 km/h, Working Width 12m.


FS 17 Fact Sheet #5 – New Holland T8 Series Tractor and Horsch Pronto 9 DC Sowing Machine.

New Holland T8: Price 262K€, Maintenance 390€/day, Customize Engine Power 320-435 HP, Max. Speed 50 km/h, Fuel tank capacity 651l, Wheel setup, standard, wide, crawler track and weights. Horsch Pronto 9 DC: Price 96K€, maintenance 260€/day Req. Power 270 HP, Op. Speed 20km/h, Working Width 9 m, seed tank capacity 6,000 liters. Fruit Types canola, barley wheat, sunflowers, soybean and grass.


FS 17 Fact Sheet #6– Massey Ferguson 5600 Series tractor and Caruelle Nicolas Stilla 460 Sprayer.

Massey-ferguson 5600 : Price 87K€, Maintenance 120€/day, Power Range 105-130 HP, Max. Speed 40km/h, Fuel Tank Capacity (Customize) 160-180 liters, Frontloader Attacher and wheels customizable. Caruelle Nicolas Stilla 460: Price 71K€, Maintenance 220€/day, Required Power 95 HP, Operating Speed 12km/h, working width 28 meters and tank capacity 4,600 liters.

Farming Simulator Fact Sheet #7

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