Farming Simulator 2013 New DLC Ursus Pack

ursusdlc  Farming Simulator 2013 New DLC Ursus Pack is released.Contains the following equipment: Ursus C-45, Ursus C-330, Ursus 5044, Ursus 8014H, Ursus 11024, Ursus 15014 and much more.This DLC compatible with the Windows and the Mac OS X version of Farming Simulator 2013. This New DLC Ursus Pack in 6 Ursus tractor, a front-loader tractor ursus, ursus brand trailer 2, 1 hay ursus brand machine, 1 bale collection Ursus brand machine, and more.

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Ursus Pack Tractors …

ursus-15014 ursus-c45 ursus-c330 ursus-5044 ursus-8014h ursus-11024










Ursus Font Loader Tractor;







Ursus Equipment;

2 3 4 5 6 ursus-fl-shovel










Trailers And Implements & Tools

ursus-n270 ursus-t610a1 ursus-z554 ursus-z586 ursus-z594

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