FD-69 TTC V1.0 SnowRunner

FD-69 TTC V1.0 mod for SnowRunner.

One option for engine, gearbox, and suspension (cause its a trail rig, nothing else)
Tires: 42″ DBZ Interco Irok, Interco Bogger, Interco TSL Swamper Cut, Interco TSLSX Mega, Nitto Trail Grappler, original sketchup tire, Pitbull, Trepador
Winch: Stock Scout, Autonomous Scout, Autonomous Scout Extended
Frame Addons: CB antennas, windshield, toolbox, canopy, net, rear winch

Take er to crawling maps. Has little use in the campaign so if you’re into that I would look for something else. Its meant to help keep the crawling train rollin moving from MudRunner


File Detail: 396.9 MB / ZIP
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