FS 2015 – Delta Del Ebro Farm Map V1.0


Michstation , BGA, Fish Market, Cooperative oil’s, Wine cellar, Fishing areas, Sell wool factory, Cooperative for sell crops/fruits, 4 supermarkets for sell products, Grow shop for sell marihuana, Oil rig, Concrete/Asphalt factory, Bread factoy, Milk/Chese/Butter factory, Yogurt factory, Sugar factory, -Fish nurseries (storage of live fish), Mine, Flour mills, Water raft (for water storage), Map buyable objects, Carwash, Mountain forest area, Sawmill, Vehicle shop CLAAS, Large farm, Caterpillar garaje farm map.

Credits: RacheT13

FS 2015 – Delta Del Ebro Farm Map V1.0 Download File

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