FS 2015 – Giants Editor V7 (64 Bit)


Version 7:

Modding Tools added.
Support to modify BV added.
Absolute (key x) and relative (key j) snapping tool for object rotation and translation added.
Support for interactive placement of spline control and edit points added.
Improved spline editing, introduced concept of edit points.
Support to group selected nodes added.
Improved debug rendering of light sources.
Terrain wireframe rendering fixed.
Support for interactive placement along face normal added.
Scaling gizmo added.
Improved rotation- and translation gizmo fixed.
[Shift] + WASD + [right mouse button] navigation added.
Support for undo / redo of object selection / deselection ADDED.
Improved scripting window.

GIANTS Software GmbH

File Details:RAR / 7.7 MB
FS 2015 – Giants Editor V7 (64 Bit) Download File

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