FS 2015 – Hubbard Map V1.2



  • BGA
  • Standard Fruits + carrot, onion, oat, rye, sunflower and cranberry.
  • Feed, straw and manure.
  • Manure and Liquid.
  • Chopped Straw
  • Water Mod
  • Mix Feeder
  • Mix Station.

PaulEng, Bluebaby210, webalizer, SLP20131, Bauer Bernd, gamer 10, Gamezee games, Isotope, Big Country, Loose Terror, Twisted G.A., Thompson M06, Blacky BPG, Marhu, Big M, Sheppol, LS-Andy, S4T4N, unnamed user auf modhoster, Andy 1978, iacopo 1977, Mutt, Scorpion 210, Giants, Jakob Tischler, Upsidedown, sandgroper Food Storage v 3.1 by dajoun tunisia, getsome2030, Mor2000, LSPro, Hektiker and LazyModstudios. If I missed anyone I’m sorry message me and I’ll put you in the credits. Some map buildings in here from 2013 as well.

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