FS 2015 – Lemken Kompaktor S300 + S400 Cultivator Pack V1.7



Sale Price: 7000 € + 8500 €
Daily: 20 € + 25 €
Working Width: 3 meter + 4 meter
120hp + 140 hp

1.0 features: LS15 standardcultivator

V1.1 free swinging Kompaktor segments
Collision reworked

V1.2 after detach the Kompaktor stand on the ground and not in the ground
Collision reworked

V1.3 High-control for backroller
jedes Kompaktorsegment arbeitet eigenständig

V1.4 High-control for groundrails
High-control for cultivorsegment
groundeffect for cultivorsegment now depend from working depth
some changing on particle

V1.5 Texturwork: Implementing of Alphachanel and Occlusionmap
2m Kompaktorsegment

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Modell: ImpTS Textur: ImpTS Script: ImpTS Tester: ImpTS

File Details:ZIP / 10.2 MB
FS 2015 – Lemken Kompaktor S300 + S400 Cultivator Pack V1.7 Download File

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