FS 2015 – Maz 5516 Truck


– Trailer Capacity:20.000KG

– Trailer FruitTypes:wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet silage woodChips

Farming Simulator 2015 Maz 5516 Truck Mod Download.

Truck maximum speed :93km

Truck  fuel tank :499l

Credits:T-150, BrUISer, DRONKLIM, dimaks, JAWA, Vasya_TM,ANDREI1994, ksergey13, Serega Zheltok, Dima Kostin

Mod Features:

Brand: Maz
Type : Truck
Price : 38.962€
Max.Power : 294kW/400HP


sgmods tested, it works.

How To Install Mod :

1-)Download the file from the link below .
2-)Paste  the Mod file My Documents > My Games > Farming Simulator 2015 > Mods
3-)Enter the game , press to “P”
4-)Purchase and play.

File Details:ZIP / 32 MB
FS 2015 – Maz 5516 Truck Download File

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