FS 2015 – Michigan CCA Farm Map V1.2


Soil mod, farm silo, bga, chicken fattening, beef fattening, egg station, mixstation. Michigan CCA Farm Map for Farming Simulator 15.

Credits: stevie

File Details:ZIP / 876 MB
FS 2015 – Michigan CCA Farm Map V1.2 Download File

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  1. James says:

    I really like this map and the varied sizes of fields. I like how the fields have ditches around them, making you use ramp. Thanks all who made it.
    My issue is strange. I downloaded it and put it in my mod folder and all the necessary mods too. I have been doing good with the program until 2-2-17. went into info box and under the squares showing what fields and what crops were in the fields growing, I noticed the boxes were colored but also they had elongated. I ended up having to reinstall to fix it. Now, when I put the map back in, it doesn’t show in the setting part under the mods that are in your game but shows up in the list for the career. It won’t finish to start. It just keeps going as a loading. My system is more than adequate for the game. Was wondering it you might know the problem. Considering you are smart enough to create it which I wish I had the brains to do. could put in editor but not but not savvy enough.
    If you have any hint to how I can get back the best farming map, email me.

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