FS 2015 – Savena Valley Map V1.2


Slurry bunker installed, Mixstation installed close cows shed, Quite all trees are fallable, Seed and fertilizer factory installed close the CompostMaster, compost can be used as fertilizer, Milk is automatically sold at midnight if you don’t place the sign from mod “stopmilk” (see below), at dairy the milk trigger to sell milk are anyway ready to be used.


Credits: CCS101&Tommy23, Mahru, Farmer_Andy, Ikkonator, Kastor, RC-Devil, upsidedown, Mor2000, Lexion780tt, Chtiseb, Rosenthaler, Thoralf2002, Manuel, Modding-Welt Team, Blacksheep, Pandahma, LKXstudios, San_Andreas, Vertexdezign, Dimre, Matdom, M-S_Buschi, Eisbearg, Tater Salad, Decker_MMIV, Beowulf, t0xic0m, Toody/Rubberduck2, Tropy, Vnsfdg1, Nick98.1

FS 2015 – Savena Valley Map V1.2 Download File

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