FS15 – Belarus 82 Tractor V1.0

Belarus 82 Tractor mod for FS15.

Hi, this is MTZ 82 mode. It has a player triggers with which you can open the left and right doors and hood.
You can also, when you enter this tractor to open the windows (left, right and rear) using the space button function.
The lights work, but you must turn on the headlights using the numpad8.

Model:Nane(Gamer106) Texture:Nane(Gamer106) Script: Nane(Gamer106) Idea / Concept: Nane(Gamer106) Testing:Nane(Gamer106) Other: Nane(Gamer106)

FS15 – Belarus 82 Tractor V1.0 Download File

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    Hey! Thank you for promoting me!

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