FS15 – Deep Ripper PH-45 V1.0

Deep Ripper PH-45 mod for FS15.

Deep loosener PH-45 (in the game it fulfills the function of the plow)

FOR FS-15 !!!!!
– Everything works on standard functions – NO SIDED SURPRISES
– There are effects when working the soil with a plow
– The physics is adjusted to the real, the size, weight, depth, working width of the tool’s grip-all according to technical characteristics
– Working speed 10 km / h
– The plow is spoiled and, accordingly, washed with a sink
– The game LOG is clean – there are no errors and warnings
– There are two plows in PAK: newer with a roller at the back and an older one
– In the store you can find a detailed description of the real analogues of these plows.

Modeling and texturing: Edward Nikolaev (Edward_09_KZ) The game in the game: Vova Antipov (Vovk @ _FarmeR)

FS15 – Deep Ripper PH-45 V1.0 Download File

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