FS15 – Metalfach N267/1 Rot Trailer V1.2

Metalfach N267/1 Rot Trailer mod for FS15.

Mod has – Variable capacity
Removable adapter (variable capacity)
Animation of manure spread
Animation of landing materials of the type
forage_mixing chaff woodChips manure grass_windrow straw_windrow silage
It gets dirty
Moving floor chains and FillVolume

Model: Mati7766 Texture: Bociek Script:StefanMaurus/GrzegoZ056/Dawider/Ziuta/Wopster Idea / Concept:Bociek/Tali'ZoraH&Szymon; Testing:Szymon Other:Thx for my friend Szymon to help to this mod

FS15 – Metalfach N267/1 Rot Trailer V1.2 Download File

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