FS15 – Old Hagenstedt Map V1.1

Old Hagenstedt Map V1.1 mod for FS15.
Welcome to Alt Hagenstedt.

Version 1.1
Bug with the waterplanes Fixed.
Objects replaced and new ones added.

The Forst farm can be found near the farm trade.
At the Forsthof the joinery and sawmill were placed. They are loaded when starting the map.
Field 12 was rebuilt as cow pasture, the field you must first buy to mow it.
In the yard there is a small farmers market for selling the eggs.
There is also a fire station so it is right at the entrance to the town so it’s a good place to get to work quickly.
The gates of the fire station can be opened with the O key.
At the guard there is a hydrant to refuel the fire trucks.
The unloading point at the yard silos has been replaced by a new one. At the BGA there is a sugar factory and in the village you will find an Aral petrol station, a bakery and an Edeka market for selling potatoes. A second farm was built on the cow pasture with silos for feed ,

Cessna (WilliamT, Boeing777fan, Jeroen Hut, Ekki)
ZuckerRaffenerie v 1.0 (Trekkerodo)
ZuckerRaffenerie v 1.0 new textures Funny Frisch (Trekkerbodo)
EDEKA active market v 2.0 (| Mark44 |)
Gas stations Pack Aral v 1 (SLJ-AGRAR)
Advertising sign v 1.0 (medizini97)
Original Textures v 1.0 (JohnDeere6210se)
Weidentore Wb Pack v 1.0 (World Builders)
Willow fence Wb Pack v 1.2 (Weltbauer)
Market stall v 1.0 (manni_112)
Church (Luculus)
Fruit textures Forgotten Plants (Eribus)
Feed store V 1.2 (Frisco)
Water Mode V 3.1.5 (Marhu)
Models Cows V 4.0 (seba j)
Wooden dam V 1.0 (Claas_Evolution)
Hofabladestelle V 1.0 (sparking chopper)
Shed01 V 1.0 (Wild Fox)
Vehicle Hall V 1.1 (Redi90)
Ground textures heavy wet V 2.0 (Geneborg)
Fodder Beet Textures V 1.0 (BloKKmonsTa187)
Building Set V 1.0 (CebuljCek)
Fire Department V 1.0 (would like to grow)
Cat V 3.0 (PowerPeter008)
Waterplane V 1.0 (Gauroth)
Bakery V 1.0 (would like to grow)
Thanks to all modders 🙂

Sawmill V 1.1.0b
Joinery V 0.9
UniversalProcessKit V 0.9.8
Animation Map Trigger V 1.0.3

MFG _Snowman_


File Detail:462.4 MB / ZIP
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