FS15 – Viticole Bacchus Map V1.0

Viticole Bacchus Map mod for FS15.

To enable the majority of computer to run the map without too much lags, I have purposely disabled some of the plots of others are usable directly, others are planting with the planter on the plots that are already planted, the other plots are to create in their entirety, for those who know and play in the multi real, for this you will need to use the equipment and tools that are in the package material of wine, so not a lot of work in perspective, after to each one to manage his domain as he wishes,
To re-enable the plots to those who can turn more volume on their machine;
open the file : Map
open the file: models
open the file; Plots exported
click on the i3d that you want to install, I put marks to it; concession, BGA, ect
on Giants the parcel is going to be positioned automatically on its location,
Don’t make the plots too large to avoid overloading the physic which would cause a slowdown of the computer,
Starter Pack Map wine
Map Bacchus
Grape picker NH 9060 v6
Trailer GIMBRE RB 60
Micro Pulvé ATOM
all the rest will be in the package material of wine,
The participants;
dufffr (deurf)

dufffr Créations 3d deurf modification: ginaite gaming

FS15 – Viticole Bacchus Map V1.0 Download File
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