FS17 – Agrar S.R.O Map Beta

Agrar S.R.O Map mod for FS17.

I welcome you to a specially modified map from AGRAR s.r.o
Our map was preceded by normal work, but we have been on time
Came to the question: why not make it more affectionate?
Or better? When we can take good care
About your fields, animals or machines?
This is how we would like to introduce our map briefly:
– our fields were enlarged and joined together about 210ha
– newly-formed silage pits (with a capacity not yet specified)
– Biomass reservoir for digestate with a capacity of 5 million
– newly added swimming pools for storing digestate or slurry
(Each with a capacity of 10 million, or 4x on the map)
– 2 large fertilizers for rapid fertilization
– better animal options (better cow area
Or pigs)
– also refurbished manure pits for faster access
– and finally we have created better parking space for all machines
Which blends energy feeds for our happy cows.

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FS17 – Agrar S.R.O Map Beta Download File

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