FS17 – AR Brucken Pack V1

AR Brucken Pack mod for FS17.

Then we want to provide you with our AR brigade pack.
Scania R1000 2 achs Tractor unit
2 axle trailers
Scania 4 achs bridge
Dreschemel 3 achs bridge
Swap bodies: Conow, Baler, Tarpaulin, Conti, Cooler, SHA superstructure
The baler and the tarpaulin has autoload installed.
The Mod may not be anywhere else without my approval
Mod ne peut nulle part être mis sans mon approbation
Autrement le DL.
/ Mod Mod
Approval differently DL.

EastSide / Gnescher / TSL / Blizzard

FS17 – AR Brucken Pack V1 Download File

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