FS17 – Atc Vehicle Pack V4

Atc Vehicle Pack V4 mod for FS17.
Hello everybody,
This update adds vehicles and handling equipment for containers. All other vehicles are still included and unchanged.
The ATC ContainerLine is another division of the (A) bsolute (T) transport (C) company. ContainerLine vehicles and equipment are used for transport and loading
ISO containers of sizes 10, 20 and 40 feet.
The emergence of the vehicles in the pack have many of you yes in my thread to follow it.
So let’s get straight to the point: what’s in it?

TGS 20 Multi: MAN TGS 33t 6×6 for transporting 10 ‘and 20’ containers
MAN TGS 18t 4×4 tractor in ContainerLine style
TGD 20 Multi: 2 axle turntable trailer for transporting 10 ‘and 20’ containers
TSDH 20 Multi: 2 axle central axle trailer for transporting 10 ‘and 20’ containers
TGN 40: semi-trailer for transporting 40 ‘containers
TGN 40 Multi: Semi-trailer for transporting 10 ‘, 20’ and 40 ‘containers
AR 20: Transport frame for transporting 2×10 ‘or 1×20’ ISO containers (compatible with the GtX / Gnescher AR Pack)
HKL 20: hook lift frame for transporting 2×10 ‘or 1×20’ ISO containers (compatible with IT runner)
CHU: Container handling unit for hook lift for transporting 1×20 ‘ISO containers
Container fork for wheel loader (for all container sizes)
Container crossbeam for wheel loaders (for all container sizes)

All vehicles and equipment can be found in the shop category ATC ContainerLine
The vehicles contain the standard features of the ATC Vehicles, as you already know from the earlier versions
The Shop Category Containers contain 10 ‘, 20’ and 40 ‘containers with 17 different skins.
A short word about handling:
The containers are picked up with the handling equipment (fork or crossbeam) and parked on the carrier vehicle (attacher). The carrier vehicle then actuates the attacher and thus locks the container. On the vehicle, the containers with the doors must be placed on the back.
The traverse detects which container should be picked up. 10 ‘and 20’ is only in retracted state. 40 ‘is only in extended state. The change takes place with key “U” (note F1 menu)
The containers can be loaded with BULK on every silo-trigger and also work on productions with automatic filling.
The enclosed wheel loader can easily load all empty containers. He can only load loaded containers up to a maximum of 20 ‘(also depending on the load.) Potatoes are heavier than wood chips …)
For problems and questions, please have a look at the support thread for this pack.
Recommended / required mods:
For the AR Frame: AR Pack by GtX / Gnescher
For HKL Frame and CHU: it Runner Pack by GIANTS or compatible vehicles

original models, GIANTS
textures, GIANTS
concept, Alfredix
remodelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix
ifko[nator], addStoreCategory
Grisu18 - VertexDesign, Lightaddon
Xentro, dynamic Hoses
HoT Team, UAL
Blacky_BPG, Zulassungsscript

File Detail:262.6 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Atc Vehicle Pack V4 Download File
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