FS17 – Auto Drive Mod V 0.5


Auto Drive Mod for FS17

Version 0.5 Chagelog:
All maps are supported (only programmed destinations on Goldcrest Valley)
Control option for setting the speed added
Engine can not go off
Faster storage times
More destinations and trails added to Goldcrest Valley

A small script to help you finish the course for FS 17.

With this script it is possible to use the AutoDrive automatically.
Ctrl + leftarrow = Activate / deactivate recording mode (Warning: No visual / debug markers currently)
Ctrl + up arrow = Activate / deactivate AutoDrive (Warning: Tractor has to be right in front of the start marker to work properly)
Ctrl + rightarrow = Activate / deactivate Roundcourse mode
Ctrl + up arrow = Activate / deactivate compressor mode (Driving forward from end to end)

Have fun compressing your BGA silos automatically

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Sonstige: As a starting point i had a look at Inspect17 mod so thanks for that and for enabling the specialization i took the register.lua from driveControl

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