FS17 – Auto Drive Mod V 0.7


Hud added
Small script improvements and bug fixes

Update: HUD installed. Show / hide with Linker Alt + 0 (Numpad)
Note: Own saved paths are overwritten when updating.
Important: Drive targets now works on every map. But only the Goldcrest Valley Map already contains waypoints.

AutoDrive is a tool that allows you to drive tractors automatically to specified targets.
In addition, it offers a function to record courses themselves and then let them leave.
It is not a courseplay and does not support absentee or unloading.
It is only about letting your tractors drive quickly and independently to typical places,
Such as back to the farm, to the shop, to the biogas plant or to the cowshed.

The control is very simple:
1: Press Alt + → to select a destination
2: With Ctrl + ↓: Activates or deactivates AutoDrive.

The tractor now runs independently to the desired destination and you can switch to another vehicle.

The second mode that is supported is the recording of your own courses.
This is especially useful for condensing the silo automatishc:

1: Press Ctrl + ← to start recording. Once off the silo.
2: Return to the beginning of the silo.
3: Press Ctrl + ↑: Change to Silomodus
4. Press Ctrl + ↓ to activate AUtoDrive

So the tractor moves automatically back and forth over the silo and you can take care of more exciting things.

If too few paths are programmed, you can add yourself waypoints and connect them to the prefabricated network. This is now all comfortably with the help of the HUD.

Important: The mod is currently a beta and not finished yet and does not have all the functions I planned.

If you have any suggestions or questions or want to report a bug, write me quietly and I try to go into it.
Have fun with the Mod.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Sonstige: As a starting point i had a look at Inspect17 mod so thanks for that and for enabling the specialization i took the register.lua from driveControl

FS17 – Auto Drive Mod V 0.7 Download File

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