FS17 – Big Oak Valley Map V1.0

Big Oak Valley Map mod for FS17.

This is a 4x map, with fields varying in sizes from small to huge, more oriented towards big machinery. I’ve tried to be versatile in it’s creation, allowing the use of small tractors and equipment aswell, with focus, however, on large scale crop production. The map features some of the best mods from some of the best modders around. Animals features chickens, sheeps and cows (no pigons!), with a separated and dedicated are for cows. BGA with resource productivity (liquid fert, solid fert and fuel) and extra resources sell point. Farm silo with huge storage capacity (8 mil each). Main farm supplies compost production, seeds production and several types of storage (fertilizer, seeds, fuel, bales), with huge and oversized storage capacity for vehicles and machinery. Several wash areas are positioned at key and easily accessible locations. Second small farm with extra storage capacity.
The map has custom textures, sky, sounds, a (very) large number of trees and a series of other custom personalizations (which can make it a bit more hardware demanding, perhaps).
Big Bud Pack is definitely recommended (although not mandatory), along with the latest official updates. Chopped Straw is installed, and Stop Milk Sale is also supported.


FS17 – Big Oak Valley Map V1.0 Download File

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