FS17 – BMW l3 V1.0

BMW l3 Car mod for FS17.

Hello dear LS17 player!
I would like to present my BMW i3 today and offer you to download.

LED turn signal (!!!! Light Addon is needed !!!!)
dimmed headlights
high beam
Reversing lights
fog lights
color selection

3 versions:
Civil (color choice)
fire Department
Police (market town of Wattens)
Thanks to DNNSGRB for the release of RTK7!
Important information!
Mekert can keep it to himself.
I ask you to be polite to upload this mod on a different side!
So enough said I wish you much fun with the mod.

Modell: BF-Stuttgart, ,DNNSGRB(RTK) Textur: TschiZack Gameing(JohnDeere 5615F) Script: TschiZack Gameing(JohnDeere 5615F), Vertex Dezign Idee / Konzept: TschiZack Gameing(JohnDeere 5615F) Tester: TschiZack Gameing(JohnDeere 5615F)

FS17 – BMW l3 V1.0 Download File

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