FS17 – Bourgault Air Drill V1.0

Bourgault Air Drill mod for FS17.

Here is the bourgault air drill.
7950 Tank – poly for original model, isotope for remodeling parts of the tank model and new rims and tires
drill model – isotope
textures – isotope/killerrf
ingaming – killerrf
U NEED THE BIG BUD DLC FOR THIS MOD TO WORK! reason is the it calls directly to big bud pack for use of its luas.
push N key to open tank lids, pallet gate and auger out.  Auger functions exactly the same as seedhawk auger.  once out u can use mouse controls to move auger around although u don’t have to move auger for it to fill either seed or fertilizer.
U can also put an ingame pallet on the open space between rear tires and saddle tank.  so u can fill whats in the pallet on the go by pushing the R button to refill.
let us know of issues and will update in a v2 if necessary.
have fun.


FS17 – Bourgault Air Drill V1.0 Download File

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