FS17 – C.R.T. Twinstar Duo AR/FRAME Truck V1.2

C.R.T. Twinstar Duo AR/FRAME Truck mod for FS17.

This is a Custom Road Train modified Twinstar Duo. The truck has been stretched to allow for the attachment of AR/Frame equipment. With full animated and functioning cab and hud this is a great place to be when driving around the farm and town.

Standard features and options include. 

  • Two engine choices 535 HP @ 80km/h and 760 HP @ 130km/h
  • Choice of three attacher configurations. Note: if the Semi-Trailer hitch is optioned it will move to             the centre of the truck bed when any AR/Frame is connected and move back on disconnect.
  • Metal or Chrome parts
  • Open chassis or checker plate cover (metal or chrome dependent on shop choice above)
  • Animated interior parts: All gauges, gear lever, power windows, interior light.
  • Fake gauge movement when started and true reading of Break Air psi, speed, fuel, rpm, worked             hours and hitch type connected.
  • Added interior review mirror.
  • Two wheel type choices including Colour choice.
  • Passenger Script for MP.
  • Working Interior Light.
  • Animated & Operating Front Windows.
  • Animated movable Wing and Centre Mirrors.


Multi-Player and Single Player Tested 🙂

Log is Error Free

Concept, Mod Build, 3d Model Works & Testing: GTX MODS 3d Model Parts: GTX MODS & Giants SCRIPTS: ls-for-ever - selectable.lua Alex2009 - BeifahrerV3.lua [FSM]Chefkoch – Cablight.lua GTX MODS – startUp.lua, startHudAnimations, brakeCompressorAnimations.lua Special Thanks: Special thanks to some of our Modding Partners Johnny Vee, Icelandic Farmer, Wonko and Toranion from the PC-SG Forums for carrying out independent testing.

FS17 – C.R.T. Twinstar Duo AR/FRAME Truck V1.2 Download File

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