FS17 – Campagne Xelmathienne Map V2.1

Campagne Xelmathienne Map mod for FS17.

Fixes :
– Compatibility with foreign versions of Farming-Simulator 17
– Compatibility with versions prior to Farming Simulator 17
– Optimierungen various
– Adjustments of certain Trigger
– Adjustment of the relief
– Addition of light shed from the farm cows
– Addition of a ramp for access to the area heilbare cows

It includes all the basic features of the game Landwirtschafts-Simulator 17 plus a few scripts for more realism.The fields are small and medium-sized, ideal for play equipment with 3 to 4 meters and is perfectly suitable for middle power of 140 horses.
Please read the PDF found in the zip-archive-of-the-Karte, you will know all the features of a-la-Karte.
I also thank all those who participated in the-test-of-the-Karte Tuc67, JFITfarmer, Zyro…

Good game to all !

Map : Xelma Modding Test : Tuc67, JFITfarmer, Zyro

FS17 – Campagne Xelmathienne Map V2.1 Download File

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