FS17 – Charcoal Plant V1.0.0

Charcoal Plant mod for FS17.

Here we present the next mod of the production chain “Svapa Agro”.

The following resources are required for the operation of the charcoal plant:
1. Wood for charcoal
2. Wood chips for the chimney fire (igniter)

As products come:
1. Charcoal in sack on G-Box pallet.
2. Fireplace fire (lighter) in cardboard on pallet

The following mods are highly recommended (coming soon this week):
1. Svapa Agro Central Trading V 1.1.0 (so you can also sell what is (over) produced)
And optionally the Svapa Agro PLP Pack V 1.1.0 with all currently available bearings.

The products can be sold in the Svapa Agro Central Trading (NOT included in the mod), or used in our upcoming mods.

The charcoal is to be found in the category “Svapa Agroproduktion”, or via brand.
The mod is 100% compatible with all our mods, is tested on standard maps of LS (on the screenshots “Sosnovka”).
How it goes with other Mods / Maps, must be tested.

(c)Caesus Regno for (tm)SVAPA-Agro, Giants Thanks a lot to Zews for the patience with me;) --> https://vk.com/club143011513 Special thanks go to marhu and kevink98 for the scripts And a VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes to Blacksheep-RC-Devil for his script. Without him it would not be possible. Sound: fimrod JauchenPaule for various things

FS17 – Charcoal Plant V1.0.0 Download File

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