FS17 – Colline Italiane V1.0

Colline Italiane Map mod for FS17.

Map Italian hills by Miki48 version 1.0
Dynamic sky
Last version of the Seasons that must be present in the mods folder along with all the other zip files in the package
The map represents a small hill area like many present along the Apennines. It does not represent a real area but a pure fantasy.
There are standard crops of farming simulator 17 updated to the latest available version, downloadable from the modhub giants site, the operation of the map with previous versions or with non-original game is not guaranteed.
Main feature of the map is the lack of animals, cows, sheep, hens and pigs, the most important activity is agriculture.
On the map there are extra crops, olives and tomatoes. To collect the olives you have to go with a trailer under the trees. Olives grow with the passage of time. Tomatoes to grow need water on the ground with a water trailer. For collection you have to pass close to the plants with a trailer. The olives are sold to the old oil mill in the village, the tomatoes are unloaded in the box in the farm and will be packed in pallets and sold to the Agritalia merchant in the country. in order to correctly visualize the planes of loading and unloading from the trailers the Gilibert1800 trailer edit by me must be present in the mods folder. in the absence of the gilibert trailer the fillplanes, filltype will not be displayed correctly but will appear as normal wheat. You are not obliged to purchase the Gilibert trailer must only be present in the mods folder. In the package along with the map for the proper functioning must be present all the zip files included by deleting any similar files.

By Miki48

FS17 – Colline Italiane V1.0 Download File

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