FS17 – Complete AR/Frame Pack V1.1.0.0

Complete AR/Frame Pack mod for FS17.

Change Log: Version
1) Added new (Day Cab) MAN truck for all AR Equipment. Custom displays and real warning lights are included.
2) Fixed issue with Swivel plate trailer when turning.
3) Added UAL mode for smaller boxes and pallets.
4) Fixed issue with Log UAL turning off after each log was loaded.
5) Added updated OverloadPipe script for use with Milk Trigger by Kevink98 (MP Fix)
6) Added “emptyMe.lua” to Lizard Tanker & Multi Tanker. This allows dumping of any liquid as required.
7) Imporved light brightness on Timber Crane boom.
8) Increased Timber Cage size to allow 5 meter logs to fit better, small texture changes and add outside door trigger to right cage doors for use even when not connected to vehicle (Left doors will now only open when tipping).

AR/Frame Attachment: This is a complete range of equipment that is ideal for small to large farms. With a piece of equipment for all occasions this is the only equipment you will need.
Equipment includes: Tippers, liquid transport, bale/pallet transport, sprayers, spreaders, animal transport, TMR mixer, forestry transport and crane, optional UAL on selected equipment.
AR Truck / Trailer: This is a transport pack for the frame equipment. With two tough Man trucks at the head of the pack and the choice of 4 trailers there is something to suit everyone.
Pack includes: 2 x Man trucks (DayCab and Sleeper Cab) both designed to hold frames with optional 3P-Hitch at the front and two engine choices. Support also included for Gearbox Addon by Mogli.
The DayCab feature real warning lights and functions including rain sensor wipers and animated handbrake. It can also be used with semitrailers if needed.
A triple axle trailer with a low hitch, 2 x twin axle trailers, one with high and one with low hitch types and a wagon style trailer to finish the pack.

GtX, gnescher

FS17 – Complete AR/Frame Pack V1.1.0.0 Download File
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