FS17 – Compound Feeders (Pigs) V2.0

Compound Feeders (Pigs) mod for Fs17.

Mixed feeding system for the pig fattening V2.0. (placeable)

The following fruits are processed into pig feed:
– Maize, soybeans
– Potatoes, sugar beet
– barley, wheat

The result is a feed mix for the pig fattening.
Place the mod on an arbitrary and flat level.
much fun Harrybo
It is allowed the modders to use this mod with the GE without restriction for the map creation.

Modell:Harrybo Textur:Harrybo Script: Marhu Idee / Konzept: GTX Modding Tester: Harrybo

FS17 – Compound Feeders (Pigs) V2.0 Download File

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