FS17 – CZ SK Radio

CZ SK Radio mod for FS17.

Replace the original file: Documents / My Games / farming simulator2017 / music
Disco frequency 1 (GB)
Good Radio Club (GB)
AB Oldies Rock (GB)
Fine Iron Agar (GB)
Hitrádio Poprocki (GB)
Love Hitrádio zone (CZ)
Radio Bonton (CZ)
Rock Radio – Punku Mark (GB)
Good Radio Hard (Rock-Metal) (E)
Rock Radio – Rock Entertainment (CZ)
Radio Kiss Morava (CZ)
Radio Kiss Proton (GB)
Good Radio Fresh (GB)
Hits Well (GB)
Hitrádio Crystal (GB)
Kiss 98FM (GB)
Kiss Delta (CZ)
Radio City 90ka (GB)
Seejay Radio (GB)
Free Radio (CZ)
Hitrádio highland (GB)
Hitrádio Millennium (GB)
Radio Helax (GB)
Radio Hana (GB)
Radio Rubi (GB)
Hitradio Magic (GB)
Fun Radio (SK)
Okay radio (CZ)
Radio Relax (GB)
Blanik (GB)
Pulse (IE)
Rock Radio (GB)
Expres Radio (GB)
Radio Expres (SK)
Kiss Southern Bohemia (CZ)
Kiss Hády (GB)
Hitradio Magic Brno (CZ)
Europe 2 (CZ)
Frequency 1 (GB)
Radio time rock (US)
Beat Radio (CZ)
Radio signal (US)
Metalomania (GB)
Radio Viva (SK)
Radio Montenegro (GB)
Radio crocodile (GB)
Rock Zone (CZ)
Dance Radio (GB)
Hits Well (GB)
Radio City (E)
Radio RockMax (GB)

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


FS17 – CZ SK Radio Download File

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