FS17 – Dragon500 Map V3.0

Dragon500 Map mod for FS17.

-decrease the “size” of the map ( going from 1.28 G has 823 Mb )
– corrections of fabrik, who did not take up some resources
– suppression of collisions of all the stop signs
– correction of the Shell station that does prenai that vehicles origin
– readjustment of the triggers of the slaughterhouse ( the buying and selling behind the abatoir and before sale of animals engraisement )
– added triggers to deliver you your own animals in the farms
-setting up of panels explanation has all the fabrik ( the meter on the location and F1 )
– implementation of marker fabrik to file resources
-control of sales, and correction of certain products that do not sell
-fields 13 moving trees
– fields 5 replacement textures that go on the road
– replacement of some collisions
-replacement of some objects of decoration and repositioning of the building.
-setting production of fabrik ( 3000 per hour average)
– Triggers greenhouse fix and replace
-Triggers to the gas station to fix and replace
– fields 69-2-3 – 52-36-26 texture fix and bump softened
-texture herbs journals and correct ( least aggressive )
-repair of the liquid fertilizer to the farms and garden centers
-installation of a sale for the train ( for the harvest )
-various animations replaced
-replacement of various trees and objects
-modification of the shelves to the bars of cups
-problem of the récoltages of the lavender fix ( was crashing the game)
-improved some textures
-fixed some drops of FPS

the map is provided with its own FS17_RM_Seasons for its proper functioning so if you have already do was remove it and replace it with the FS17_RM_Seasons_Culture_et_Production which is founie with the link to the pack please.
the NH9060L_converted_dufffr_Culture_et_production n is not compatible with this mod : FS17_ForRealModule02_TireDirt please remove it from your mods folder
if you want to use the NH9060L for your harvest.
For the grape and hops you can’t plant it . you recoltez after having put the fertilizer before the last shoot .then he push all alone.

Required Mod – Culture Et Production Pack


FS17 – Dragon500 Map V3.0 Download File

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