FS17 – Dutra D4K-B

Dutra D4K-B tractor for FS17.

Price: 21.357€
Daily: 10€
Max. Speed: 30 kph
Power: 90 hp
Fuel: 498 liters

For the friends of the old tractors nor the fast in the old year my Dutk D4K-B.

This tractor was built in Hungary from the 1960s up to the beginning of the seventies and was created exclusively for the field.
His own driving style with the constant nods claimed the drivers.
Its infinitely long bonnet is already a challenge and has often made acquaintance with a home corner.
Nevertheless, it is my darlings with its untamed sound, which comes directly from the cylinders.
Under the hood is a straight-six cylinder with 90 hp.
Because of its equidistant wheels and the extremely short wheelbase it had a good traction and a small turning circle.
The crisp sound and his individual driving style made him my favorite.

I hope that some of you will enjoy this tractor as well.
I wish you a happy and successful farmland with this tractor.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


File Details:ZIP / 29.1 MB
FS17 – Dutra D4K-B Download File

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