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FS17 – Ebsdorfer Heide Farm Map V 1.0

Ebsdorfer Heide Farm Map mod for FS17.

Basic facts about the map:
The map was built by me from scratch and has also been running for a few hours on our Gameserver!
It was already a beta published by me the reason is: The map was illegally uploaded by another the map could get somewhere (Link) now I releasde quickly the latest version and after that I immediately finished the map.

General overview:
The map belongs to you from the beginning, you do not have to buy any fields. In the short time it would be too much work to make the fields buyable but what is not yet can be still vl.
Fruit: standard Ls17 fruit varieties
Animals: sheep, cows, chickens, pigs
Fields: 63 fields, 26 grassy areas
Two courtyards with manure and manure, 1 Bga the 1: 1 was reconstructed.
First farm with focus on dairy farming
Second farm with focus on pig breeding
All gates work with the standard Ls17 Door Trigger. Left-click Open Mappy-Right, Close Right-
In addition I have still installed the one the Maustasten must hold so that one can control the gates Manuell!
All gates can be opened only on foot due to realism!

Niggels, VertexDezign, Agrarteam Franken, Desperados93, Schauppi, Sirjoki80, thejohndeere7930, fendt927power, steffen30muc, diemoddingecke, GSI-Flasch, NKB-Modding, Die Thoboliker, Freak2009 und alle anderen Moddern denen Objekte ich verbaut habe!

FS17 – Ebsdorfer Heide Farm Map V 1.0 Download File

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