FS17 – [Fbm Team] Deutz D9005 A V0.9.6.0

[Fbm Team] Deutz D9005 A V0.9.6.0 mod for FS17.

Hello Community, it’s time again !!

Another restored 6-cylinder iron pig from days gone by is ready in front of the workshop.

A Deutz D9005 four-wheel year of construction 1967 !!
As a further development of the D8005 the D9005 was introduced 1966.
As with the D6005, a direct-injection engine was also fitted here and an optional four-wheel drive version was available, just bigger, heavier and more powerful.
In his time in the absolute upper class, the tug was equipped for the toughest tasks,
Whether it was a six-plow to pull or large loads to tow, the D9005 can be used for anything. Last but not least, the hydraulically actuated brake also contributed to safety.

And what have we made there again?! ……

So we found the remains of a rusty D9005 which had suffered a broken axle.
In the search for a new front axle we came across a Güldner four-wheel front axle with all attachments and knew it was a long night but it was worth it

What can the cart now actually? What is it all installed?! …..

– Original model of Giants, rebuilt by Streubeheubar
Restoration 2018
-Ic control (Puma)
-Fronthydraulik configurable
-Animated Indoor Script (Ifko)
-Complete interior Animated including throttle and gearshift
-Gearbox and Oilchange Mod Ready
-Pendelachse, propeller shaft and PTO muff animated
Transmission block for cardan shaft installed
Roll bar (Streubheubar)
Deck (Schlüterfan1977, panic cracker)
Deck conversion, animation and adaptation (puma)
-guard rail, PTO stub and new pulling jaw (Schlüterfan1977)
Deck completely controllable via IC …..
-Dynamic pants (2x compressed air 2xHydraulik 1xElektro)
Weights block
Tire configuration (standard tires, care tires, wide tires ……)
-Optional with soft top, roll bar and nothing at all with child seat: D
-32km / h fast
-Animated speedometer instruments
New sound (RetroFarmer / PeterAH)
Exhaust smoke (model safe)
-Bettersteering (model safe)
The conversion was carried out by Dani86 and Oldenfarm
Thanks to Schlüterfan1977, bluepuma, Modelleicher and Ifko for your releases.
A special thanks to the many little heroes of everyday life without this project would not have been Realized!

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Streubeheubar, Schlüterfan 1977
Modder: Oldenfarm
Textur: Giants Software,Oldenfarm, Dani86, puma, PeterAH( Moddingpartner)
Script: Modelleicher, Ifkonator
Idee / Konzept:Streubeheubar Dani86,Oldenfarm
Tester:Dani86, PeterAH, Kabu
Sonstige: Schlüterfan 1977
Sounds: Retro farmer, PeterAH

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Modder: Oldenfarm (FBM Team)

File Detail:55.0 MB / ZIP
FS17 – [Fbm Team] Deutz D9005 A V0.9.6.0 Download File

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