FS17 – [Fbm-Team] Kroger Pack (Tdk/Hkd) – Dh V1.0

[Fbm-Team] Kroger Pack (Tdk/Hkd) mod for FS17.

– DynamicHose
– LS17 standard functions
– 1 pack was made out of 2 followers
– He got 1 set of new tires
– Disassembly in Maya / assembly in MergeGroup construction
– The HKD now has 3 shakers and a compressed air tank
– The TDk is standard
– New corona were installed
– He now has over design and Vehicledesign Confic 2 different constructions
– 1x as they are standard only in wood look (say only the wood is painted, Chassie will always be red)
– 1x the entire body is painted (ie the whole body is painted, Chassie will always stay black here)

A big thank you goes to:
Ahran who helped me to finish.
Guellemax for the Store Pics
Bremi456 for help in setting the configurations
Marc B. for the beautiful pictures

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Modder: Oppa1991 (FBM Team) Hilfestellung: Ahran, Guellemax, Bremi456 (FBM Team) Bilder: Marc B. (FBM Team) Video: Extit LP

FS17 – [Fbm-Team] Kroger Pack (Tdk/Hkd) – Dh V1.0 Download File

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