FS17 – Feuerwehrsirene V6.0

Feuerwehrsirene mod for FS17.

Now the MTL Modding Team presents you a fire siren as it still exists in small villages.
The sound was recorded, edited and inserted in 04668 Grimma.
Siren bar at the bottom as well as above are made of steel (therefore it can be quite annoying)
Siren head and sounder as well as alarm button are held in a combination of yellow, red and black.
This siren is a replica of a siren in the Muldental.
Purchase price is 125,000 € and costs you 150 € per day.
Also role model was taken a siren of LS 13, which, however, not converted but as I said only as a model. Our model is a stand-alone and does not have the mod of LS 13 to do!

Version 6.0
– Loop no longer ends automatically in the middle
– To switch off the siren, the switch can now be passed as planned by pressing the mouse button again
– LUA bug fixed
– adapted to the original image
– Functionality or purpose written in the XML
– Siren can now be placed even more freely and it has been activated that you can turn it in the desired direction

Have fun alerts

Modell: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team Textur: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team Idee / Konzept: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team Tester: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team

FS17 – Feuerwehrsirene V6.0 Download File

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