FS17 – Fliegl Dpw180 Vaszics Pack V1.1

Fliegl Dpw180 Vaszics Pack mod for FS17.

Fliegl DPW180 Vaszics pack 1.1
Changes to version 1.0
The trailer has two variants with a 250,000 and a 5,000,000 liter version.
The five trailers are packed in one package for easier handling.
Expansion of freight is expected in version 1.2.
The converted version of the trailer can carry 97 different goods.
The load rating is indicated by a table placed on the back of the trailer.
The trailer is configured for the City 3.0 map, but of course it can be used for any other map. In case you use a different map, instead of the fruit not in the trailer’s database, only empty boxes will appear.
To tow the trailer, I suggest the FS17_Caterpillar_CT660 truck included in the package, which has been properly calibrated and is suitable for fast and safe transport.
Name of goods to be transported:
wheat barley rape maize sunflower soybean rye oat hops spelled SUGARBEET potato onion carrot lettuce cabbage redCabbage grass_windrow straw dryGrass_windrow chaff silage forage pigFood woodChips bakery barleyflour beer boards booze bread butter cake cartonsvapa cauliflower cement cherry coffeeBD coffeeBeanBD Coleslaw concrete condensedmilk cookingOil cornflour emptypalletsvapa fatteningFood Fischmehl_KK Fischman FischMKKK flour gooseliver goosemeat gravel1 greenmanure hmilk juice KaviarKK kefir lettuce_P meat melon motoroil muffin noodles oil osternei plum potatoChip pumpkin raspberrybeer raspberrysvapa redcurrantsbeer redcurrantssvapa reibekuchen saladMix sausage steamedPotato stoffrolleMK strawberrybeer strawberrysvapa sugar tomato washedPotato wheatflour whiskey yellowsand yogurt yogurt1 manure
It is fun to use the trailer.

Marhu/Kevink98 fko[nator BlackSheep BD Vaszics

FS17 – Fliegl Dpw180 Vaszics Pack V1.1 Download File
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