FS17 – Fliegl Large Capacity Shovels V2.1

Fliegl Large Capacity Shovels mod for FS17.

The Fliegl large capacity shovels are great tools for loading light goods e. g. woodchips. This shovels can also be used on fill triggers to buy fertilizer or seeds and many other filltypes.

Changelog: V2.1.0.0
– added fillTriggerTools
– fixed decal bug

Changelog: V2.0.0.0
– added three more
– fixed fillVolume

Price: 1899-3099 €
Working width: 1.6-2.8 m
Capacity: 2050-4000 l
Maintenance: 5 € / day


FS17 – Fliegl Large Capacity Shovels V2.1 Download File

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