FS17 – Fliegl Pallet Filling System V1.0.0.7

Fliegl Pallet Filling System mod for FS17.

This pack consists of the Fliegl pallet filling system and a suitable pallet selling point (placeable)

Version – FillablePalletFix removed is no longer needed (use current patch) – Fixed Physix errors on the Dedi server. The Fliegl station is now fully capable of MP again. Version – CrusieControl deactivated (not needed) – Multiplayer deactivated (too many problems in the multiplayer) – FillablePalletFix added Version – Index error fixed at pallet location version Script adjustments by Ifkonator: – Warning signal inserted at the object – Automatic mode added, objects are automatically ejected – Ballen Fix, it could happen that the bales were spawned wrong – nonexistent FillTypes write no warning in the log machine is no more like the standard machine if you go too far and too long There are several changes: – Placeable pallet point of sale added to this mod – Signal Lights added (Green and Red RUL) – Pallet unloading speed increased (noticeable on sale) – Removed duplicate unnecessary pallets – Manure bales added (counts as pallet) – Pair 3D model fixed (cover plates for rear axle, Fan Textu r changed) Version – right bales are now being created for straw, grass, hay and silage – minor adjustments to the display – level indicator added for object – Courseplay compatibility increased Version – NormalMap artifacts removed – Decals UV error fixed – Changed exhaust smoke – Script customizations (Ifko) – Create bales Integrated Version – Internal Test Release.

Farmer Andy in co-operation with Ifkonator

FS17 – Fliegl Pallet Filling System V1.0.0.7 Download File

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