FS17 – Forage & Chips Silo V1.0.0.6

Placeable Forage & Chips Silo mod for FS17.

This silo stores Wood Chips, Grass, Hay, Straw, Chaff, Forage, and Silage. This silo functions just like the farm silo. Now you don’t have to dump materials on the ground or take up room with bales.

– Shovel can fill silo
– Update added chaff and forage
– Update added addtional silo with ramp

Price: 25000 €
Capacity: 500000 l
Maintenance: 10 € / day

To insure proper loading and unloading, building should be placed on mostly level ground.


FS17 – Forage & Chips Silo V1.0.0.6 Download File

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