FS17 – Fortuna Pack V1.1.5

Fortuna Pack mod for FS17.


ChangeLog v1.1.5
– The tank can now be emptied (unfortunately still without particles!)
– Animation of brake unit revised
– Semi is now more like an Ultima Ballen
Link was swapped!

ChangeLog v1.1.4
– Fault when resetting the tank
– Fixed warning when the game ended
Link was swapped!

ChangeLog v1.1.3
– SA T – New Filltype: LiquidGas installed
– PB10: Re-aligned pallets
– Semi: Palettes reoriented

ChangeLog v1.1.2:
– SW42 / 52k: l10n Warnings removed
– all trailers except Toolstar and D2 Dolly have got a manual parking brake.
– Store image Semi added
– Semi: Wheel selection removed
– Attachersounds added / reworked

In order for the parking brakes to work, the HANDBRAKE mod of Blacky_BPG is required.
This simulates now not only the hand / parking brake but a complete compressed air braking system.
Simply go to the brake unit on the right side of the trailer and press the right mouse button (standard key).
It takes 1-2 seconds until the brake is released! Getting dressed is faster.
The pack can of course be used without the mod, but then the control lamps light up
at the braking unit and are without function!

Link was swapped!

ChangeLog v1.1.1
– Trailer mounted
– Tank: Digital display rebuilt
– Danger code will now be displayed again corresponding to the load
– PB10 steering axle rear mounted
– SA 560: l10n Warning fixed

For a long time you waited for it, now it is there.
The semi-plateau of Fortuna.
This trailer:
– 30 square bales
– 36 round bales
– 16 pallets
– 12 board pallets

Link was swapped.

ChangeLog v1.1.0
– PB10 UAL Trigger increased
– PB10 Number of loadable board pallets doubled
– SchemaOverlays korregiert (Thanks to V8Bolle!)

ChangeLog v1.0.9
– license plate installed
– Store category changed (store image and description)
– Toolstar added
– PB10 can now load boards (4 pieces)
– SA 560 Supportcoli revised
– New schema overlays installed (thanks to V8Bolle)
– LogMaster Dirttexture revised

ChangeLog v1.0.8
– SW42k and SW52k filling plans adapted
– K180, K270, FTD150 and SA560 troughs can now be loaded on the FillTrigger
– LogMaster Heckattacher bug fixed (thanks to cantonsilver for the reference)
– PB10 Corrected pallets and baling positions

ChangeLog v1.0.7a
– LogMaster Log Error removed
– LogMaster AutoLoadWood Script installed

ChangeLog v1.0.7
– Added SW52k
– Added LogMaster
– PB10 UAL Script installed
– PB10 grating flicker removed
– SA 560 fixed Thanks to Zocker2013
– SA T can now load milk

ChangeLog v1.0.6
– Silage wagon SW42 added
– SA T is added
– Colis of the SA 560 renewed

Included are:
– LS17 Ready (lighting, shader etc.)
– Normal and wide range available in the shop

– LS17 Ready (lighting, shader etc.)
– straps installed (already working)
– LED taillights installed

The classics

– LS17 Ready (lighting, shader etc.)
– LED taillights installed

– LS17 Ready (lighting, shader etc.)
– LED taillights installed

– LS17 Ready (lighting, shader etc.)
– LED taillights installed

D2 Dolly
– LS17 Ready (lighting, shader etc.)
– LED taillights installed
– Saddle plate via mouse, horizontally displaceable

The mods are housed in their own shop category.
The conversion is anything but simple and therefore the pack will not give as much as you can
in LS15 was used.

Such things as pallets autoload and something falls, of course, once flat!
I will update this post here gradually when there is something new to report.

Idee / Konzept: Chefkoch - FMS-TeamMultiGaming.de

FS17 – Fortuna Pack V1.1.5 Download File
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