FS17 – Foxikovo Map V1.0

Foxikovo Map mod for FS17.

Hi, I’m Szymek98, I’m giving you this map because there was no point in keeping it, and besides, there is Christmas Eve and some gift will fly.
The map is small .. There is a lot of underdevelopment but it can be played. I did it for 4 days so.
Besides, I sent this map to my “friend” for tests, but unfortunately he did it, the next maps I will test myself or give to my colleagues whom I trust.
WARNING! The map has mistakes!

The map has:
1 Farm
Diversified terrain
Small fields
About 30 fields and 3 meadows
Purchase of Straw
Skub the grain
Such a climate

Autor: Szymek98 aka FoxPL Pomoc: Puma145

FS17 – Foxikovo Map V1.0 Download File

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